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Most successful business owners rely on quality tax advice to achieve the results they want and manage their tax obligations.

If your business has taken a financial blow, it can take years to recover, especially from a cash flow perspective. Your ability to proactively manage future taxation opportunities starts with trusted tax professionals who will consider alongside you, your future plans, structure and tax planning issues.

Your decision to access professional advice for managing your tax is—in essence—risk management. Wouldn’t you agree? Engaging with a private advisor, who looks at your future opportunities and issues, is the key to achieving your optimum taxation outcome.

Our tax specialists take pride in developing effective business tax strategies. We apply our strong technical skills and astute research abilities to address all manner of tax issues you may face.

We seek out the best solution for your tax challenges so you can relax and focus on increasing your business results.

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At CGD Partners, we provide tailored tax advice and support for your business. This may be as written advice for your business, formal tax objections to authorities on your behalf, or ad hoc assistance during the year.

Our tailored tax advice may relate to:

  • Division 7A and non-compliance issues
  • Management of your Unpaid Present Entitlement
  • Income tax implications of your trust income and interpreting Trust Deed clauses
  • Capital Gains Tax and rollover relief
  • Small business tax concessions
  • Wealth creation structure for your investments and business
  • Cross border and international tax issues

In addition, CGD Partners work with other specialist advisors to provide expert tax advice and third-party risk reviews to their clients with complex business tax situations. Accountants who don’t have experience in a particular area, or don’t have the resources to complete the work, leverage our expertise to help their clients.


CGD Partners prides itself on providing comprehensive and quality service

As part of our commitment to our clients, we are able to assist with the following services:

Accounting & Taxation Compliance

Advisory & Tax Consulting

Employment & Planning

Family Office

Succession & Estate Planning

Superannuation & Consulting

Virtual CFO & Back Office