How to live comfortably in retirement

Your superannuation is a key component in funding—and enjoying—your retirement. After many years working for yourself, or an employer, and contributing to your superannuation along the way, this fund forms the basis of your retirement income and wealth.

This means that up-to-date tax and business advice relating to your superannuation is paramount to maximising your future wealth.

Did you know there are several ways to leverage your superannuation fund for income tax benefits before you retire?

We can help you better understand your superannuation options, such as:

  • How and when to contribute to your superannuation fund
  • How and when to access your superannuation benefits
  • How to manage taxes related to your superannuation fund

Property investors and business owners may establish a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) to help reach investment goals and gain greater control of super investment decisions.

Be sure to talk to CGD Partners to understand the benefits, regulations and compliance requirements of managing your own super fund.

We can help you set up and manage your SMSF, such as preparing your annual accounts and income tax returns.

As you approach retirement, we can also help you determine an appropriate superannuation entitlement that allows you to live a great lifestyle, yet still provides an effective tax and investment strategy.

Talk to us today about your SMSF and for compliance or audit advice.

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